Fixing the Path from International Student to Permanent Resident with Iain Reeve and Kathryn Dennler


By: Iain Reeves, Kathryn Dennler

Canadian Universities and Colleges are increasingly welcoming students from around the world to study in Canada.  We estimate that over the last ten years, over a million international students have come to study in Canada.  And that number is rising. 

International students represent some of the best and the brightest from around the world.  They come to Canadian post-secondary institutions hoping to get a world-class education and in many instances an opportunity to continue to build on the connections they make in school to jump into the Canadian labour force.

But the ideal isn’t always the reality. 

And Conference Board of Canada research has highlighted some major gaps in the pathway from international student to Canadian.  In this episode of Leadership Perspectives we examine the challenges facing international students on the path to Canadian citizenship and provide recommendations on how to improve this system. 

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Iain Reeves

Iain Reeve

Associate Director, Immigration, The Conference Board of Canada

Kathryn Dennler

Kathryn Dennler

Research Associate, Immigration, The Conference Board of Canada