Immigration, Inflation and Housing with Pedro Antunes and Kathryn Dennler

Canadian Economics

By: Kathryn Dennler, Pedro Antunes

Leadership Perspectives: Economics Matters, Episode 11

Over the past months, various players have come out to point a finger at the role immigration is playing in a long list of what ails our country.

From inflation, to housing affordability, to struggling post-secondary institutions, new Canadians have become an easy target. Our guests Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist at the Conference Board and Kathryn Dennler, Senior Researcher in the Conference Board’s Immigration Knowledge Area to shed some light on the realities of Canada’s immigration system.

They talk about how Canada’s record numbers of new Canadians is impacting our economy. They discuss Conference Board of Canada research that highlights how immigration can be an effective tool in helping to reduce the housing affordability crisis.

Pedro Antunes

Chief Economist

Senior Research Associate, Immigration