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Canadians need to prepare for a changing labour market. The Future Skills Centre—Centre des Compétences futures (FSC–CCF) will help them transition and adapt to new jobs. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program, the Future Skills Centre is a partnership between BlueprintToronto Metropolitan University, and The Conference Board of Canada.

As part of our commitment to the Future Skills Centre, the Conference Board will research future skills needs, lead knowledge mobilization and convening activities, and facilitate the exchange of ideas by developing a pan-Canadian stakeholder network.

Latest Research

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Valuing Skills in Canada: A Statistical Approach

Education & Skills    May 23, 2023

A key ingredient for a successful and financially rewarding career is having useful and valuable skills that enable people to perform specific jobs. Accordingly, we expect workers with in-demand skills to earn higher wages and salaries, reflecting the need for those skills in the workplace.

Impact paper  •  33-min read

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The Role of the Hunter in Inuit Nunangat’s Mixed Economy

Indigenous & Northern Communities   April 17, 2023

Hunters play an important role in the mixed economy of Inuit Nunangat, the Inuit homeland across the Arctic expanse in Canada. Hunting and harvesting skills are critically linked to food security, physical and mental well-being, and sustainable livelihoods in the North.

Issue briefing  •  13-min read

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Digital Occupation Pathways: From Vulnerable Jobs to Rapid-Growth Careers

Education & Skills    March 29, 2023

Advances in digital and automation technologies are fundamentally changing how goods and services are produced and delivered and will have huge implications for the labour market. While investment in technology and the resulting productivity gains are a desired outcome for the economy, it creates uncertainty for workers whose skills become obsolete in this process.

Impact paper  •  65-min read

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