Higher Sales of Motor Vehicles Offset Falling Sales of Aerospace Products in April

Canadian Economics    June 14, 2024

Sales of transportation equipment drove Canadian manufacturing sales up in April, and higher sales of motor vehicles helped to offset falling sales of aerospace products. As a positive omen for near-term sales, new orders for Canadian manufacturing products swung upward by 3.1 per cent in April after a large 4.7 per cent decline in March.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Summer Sunshine Fails to Reach the Labour Market in May

Canadian Economics    June 7, 2024

The economy has now added a monthly average of 39,000 jobs over the first five months of the year, a respectable pace given the headwinds caused by high interest rates. However, these gains pale in comparison to the growth of Canada’s working age population, which this year has grown at a searing pace of over 100,000 per month, or, in annualized terms, 3.7 per cent.

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Liam Daly

Trade Deficit Narrows to $1.0 Billion in April

Canadian Economics    June 6, 2024

Canada’s merchandise exports were up 2.6 per cent in April on the back of higher exports of energy products, while imports rose 1.1 per cent mainly due to higher imports of motor vehicles and parts. As a result, Canada’s merchandise trade deficit narrowed to $1.0 billion in April.

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David Ristovski

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