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Consumer Confidence Falls to Its Second-Lowest Recorded Score

Canadian Economics    November 28, 2023

Led by diminished future job prospects, Quebec’s Index of Consumer Confidence fell 20.1-points in November. In October, the province announced planned increases to out-of-province tuition fees for students attending Quebec’s anglophone universities beginning in 2024, something which is likely contributing to the decline.

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Walter Bolduc

Falling Gas Prices Fueled Inflation’s Deceleration in October

Canadian Economics    November 21, 2023

Inflation took a step down in October, though it has likely reached its cruising altitude. We expect that year-over-year CPI growth will hover around its current level for the next several months. Gasoline prices fell in October, driving much of the decline in year-over-year price growth.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Real Manufacturing Sales Fell Again in September—A Recessionary Signal?

Canadian Economics    November 15, 2023

We expect that manufacturing output has contracted and will continue to contract into the first quarter of 2024. Real manufacturing sales fell in August and September. The S&P Global Canada Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index remained below 50 for a sixth consecutive month in October, which suggests the sector has been contracting.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

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