Economic Trends 

Photo of Saudi Arabian flagSaudi Arabia’s Big Gamble
Any analysis of volatile world oil prices has to carefully consider the intentions of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer.

Photo of a planeL’industrie de transport aérien au Canada
Un contexte favorable au décollage de nouvelles compagnies aériennes.

Photo of a hand holding several shopping bagsIndex of Consumer Confidence
The Index fell for the second consecutive month in October.

Organizational Performance 

Photo of a man holding his head in a handMental Injury
What is it and what does it mean for the workplace?

Photo of a mature businessman with a hand raised near his foreheadDementia: Coming to a Workplace Near You
With age the primary risk factor, it’s only a matter of time until dementia impacts workplaces.

Photo of graduation cap and diplomaAre Students Listening?
Despite beliefs to the contrary, students are hearing the market and media signals about high demand fields.

Public Policy 

Photo of balanced stones Liberty and Security: Striking a Balance?
Should Canada place restrictions on liberty to counter those who would do us harm?

Photo of a fist painted with a Canadian flagCombating Homegrown Violent Extremism
We need to build and maintain resilient communities in the face of tragic events.

Photo of an apple with an How Canada Performs: Education in the Territories
Building a better understanding of the unique challenges facing the territories is required.


Photo of Satyamoorthy Kabilan speaking


Photo of Diana MacKay speaking


Photo of a mature man and woman sitting, reaching for their toes


Nov 32014 Honorary Associate Award Dinner
Nov 3 | Toronto

Nov 52nd Skills and Post-Secondary Education Summit 2014: Developing the Skills and PSE Strategy for Canada
Nov 5-6 | Toronto

Nov 14Economic Outlook Seminar
Nov 14 | Ottawa



Consumer Confidence
October 2014, CBoC

Employment, Canada
October 2014, CANSIM

Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability
September 2014, CBoC

Special Initiatives

Leadership Development

How Canada Performs
A Report Card on Canada—Assesses Canada’s quality of life compared to that of its peer countries.

Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education
The centre is a multi-year initiative to address the advanced skills and education challenges facing Canada today.

Centre for Business Innovation
This Centre is a five-year initiative to help bring about major improvements in firm-level business innovation in Canada.

Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care
This Centre will provide insightful, forward-looking, quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the health-care system.

Centre for Food in Canada
Food impacts Canadians in an extraordinary range of ways. It affects our lives, our health, our jobs, and our economy.

L’Institut du Québec
Est le fruit d’un partenariat entre le Conference Board du Canada et HEC Montréal visant à fournir au Québec des solutions novatrices.

Centre for the North
This Centre is part of the Northern and Aboriginal policy group that provides insights and research into Northern and Aboriginal challenges and issues.

Saskatchewan Institute
This Institute is a multi-year initiative that will focus exclusively on issues relevant to Saskatchewan.

Global Commerce Centre
The Centre helps leaders respond effectively to the rapidly changing global business operating environment.

National Immigration Centre
The Centre is a multi-year initiative to develop a national immigration action plan to help improve Canada’s immigration system.

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.