Canada’s Productivity Emergency with Tony Bonen and Andrew Sharpe

Canadian Economics

By: Andrew Sharpe, Tony Bonen

Leadership Perspectives: Economics Matters, Episode 14

Everyone from the Bank of Canada to leading economists from across the country are discussing what’s at the root of Canada’s productivity challenges.  

To help us sort through the discussion, I’m joined this episode by the Conference Board of Canada’s Director of Economic Research Tony Bonen and the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) Andrew Sharpe.

We discuss how we should understand productivity and why it’s important for it to improve.  Near the end of the episode we hear about new research from the Conference Board of Canada linking skills to our productivity challenges.  We’ll hear that Tony thinks this is a promising new avenue—in part because there are many levers that the government can use to support skills development.

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Tony Bonen

Director of Economic Research, The Conference Board of Canada

Andrew Sharpe

Founder and Executive Director, Centre for the Study of Living Standards