Lauren Hamman

Associate Director, Immigration

Lauren Hamman


Lauren Hamman is the Associate Director of Immigration at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role, Lauren oversees the National Immigration Centre (NIC) and the Centre for Business Insights on Immigration (CBII). Lauren leads the immigration team whose research focuses on addressing pressing, complex immigration issues in Canada.

Past Work Experience

Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, having worked for over 14 years in the public, private, and non-government sectors in six different countries. Before joining The Conference Board of Canada, Lauren was engaged in various intergovernmental and immigration files in the Office of the Premier and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for the Government of British Columbia. As a policy professional with a background in law, Lauren offers unique insights into addressing the wicked problems of today’s age.

Academic Background


Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations), University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Laws, University of New South Wales

Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia