Eddy Nason

Director, Health

Eddy Nason


Eddy Nason serves as the Director for the Health Knowledge Area at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role, he spearheads the efforts of the health team, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, relevant, and impactful research and products to clients and stakeholders within the health sector. 

Past Work Experience

Prior to joining The Conference Board of Canada, Eddy accumulated 20 years of experience at the intersection of health, science, public policy, and research, with a particular focus on research impact. During this time, he collaborated with national and international think tanks such as the Institute on Governance and RAND Corporation, as well as research funding organizations like the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit and Genome Canada.

Eddy has provided guidance to policymakers, health system managers, private sector partners, and not-for-profit stakeholders on a wide array of health issues, ranging from health human resources to drug plan management, to patient-partnered clinical research.

He is internationally recognized as an expert in research impact, having served as Program Director for the International School on Research Impact Assessment, contributed to the development of the precursor to the ResearchFish research impact system, authored the influential CAHS framework for ROI in health research, and advised international research systems, including the Catalan health research system

Academic Background

  • M.Phil. Molecular Genomics, University of Cambridge
  • BSc. Zoology and Developmental Biology