Ben Rempel

Ben Rempel

Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Manitoba Immigration

Ben Rempel currently serves on the Canada Board of Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB), an international NGO that facilitates labour mobility pathways for displaced global talent, and has recently been appointed as a Public Interest Director to the governance Board for Canada’s new College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Until he retired from government in 2020, Ben was the Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for immigration, international education and settlement for the Province of Manitoba. In that capacity, he lead the successful scaling of the Provincial Nominee Program, served as provincial co-chair of the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI), and participated in the Conference Board of Canada’s Leadership Roundtable on Immigration.

Ben’s career has always been connected to migration and development themes. He completed an interdisciplinary Masters Degree in International Migration at the University of Manitoba, spent several years teaching English for Academic Purposes in the Republic of the Congo, and has worked as a international student coordinator, immigration program officer, and PNP strategic recruitment director, before becoming ADM responsible for Manitoba’s Growing Through Immigration strategy. Ben values the teamwork and many partnerships involved in his experience contributing to the vitality of Manitoba’s regional and francophone communities as well the labour force growth across multiple sectors resulting from international talent attraction.

These experiences continue to inform Ben’s perspectives concerning the transformative impact of immigration and international education, as well as the urgent need to scale and expand the inclusiveness of our immigration pathways for displaced global talent.