Nuclear Energy: A Crossroad in a Climate Emergency

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Nuclear Energy: A Crossroad in a Climate Emergency


Author: Babatunde Olateju


With their promises of zero-emissions heat and energy, SMRs may well be the future of energy production. As the world’s population swells by another two billion by 2050 and our greenhouse gas emissions keep rising, SMRs are a viable answer to both our energy demands and climate targets. However, we need investment and public understanding to convince investors and Canadians to see it.

This issue briefing delves into the advantages of SMRs—how they are more flexible to build and less costly to maintain than large nuclear plants—as well as their challenges. It also reveals how SMRs can help offset air pollution from fossil fuels, the cause of millions of deaths worldwide each year. Readers will learn about the international competition in SMR development, and gain insight into what’s needed for Canada’s success in this competitive global scene.

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This issue briefing explores how small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) can meet energy demand and help tackle climate change, and provides recommendations for Canada’s global competitiveness in SMR commercialization.

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