Canadian Telecoms and The Promise of Independent Towers with Dan Carpenter and Wendy Zatylny

Innovation and Technology

By: Dan Carpenter, Wendy Zatylny

Canada’s mobile broadband usage numbers are dismal.  We rank dead last in mobile broadband users and have some of lowest mobile data usage compared to other G7 countries. These metrics need to improve.  While there is much discussion on the number of providers and the competitiveness of our telecommunications industry, there’s another way to move the needle.

Research by The Conference Board of Canada shows that increased tower sharing can play a role in changing this critical metric for Canadians.  It could allow for more tower development in rural and remote regions, eliminate redundancies in infrastructure development, reduce the environmental impact of passive infrastructure, and lead to improved connectivity.  In this episode, our guests Dan Carpenter, Researcher, The Conference Board of Canada and Wendy Zatylny, Country Manager, SBA Communications Canada join us to discuss how changes at the federal and municipal levels could help foster the growth of the tower sharing industry in Canada.

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Dan Carpenter

Research Associate, Innovation and Technology, The Conference Board of Canada

Wendy Zatylny

Country Manager, SBA Communications Canada