Recession Risk with Sohaib Shahid and Jimmy Jean

Canadian Economics

By: Jimmy Jean, Sohaib Shahid

Leadership Perspectives: Economic Matters, Ep. 1

This is the first episode of Economics Matters, a Conference Board of Canada podcast. This series will bring you some of the leading economic thinkers from Canada and around the world to talk about key issues in the economy.

In our first episode, we deal with one of the biggest questions facing our economy—what is Canada’s risk of falling into a recession and what, if anything, can be done about it. To answer this question, our guests Sohaib Shahid Director of Economic Innovation at The Conference Board of Canada and Jimmy Jean, Vice-President, Chief Economist and Strategist for the Desjardins Group share their views on whether Canada’s recession risk is increasing and provide their suggestions for how policy makers can work to minimize its effects.

Sohaib Shahid

Sohaib Shahid

Former Director, Economic Innovation, The Conference Board of Canada

Jimmy Jean

Vice President, Strategist and Chief Economist, Desjardins Group