Paul Kershaw on Generational Fairness

Canadian Economics

By: Paul Kershaw

Today’s generation feels maligned by the press and often ignored by politics. Priced out of home ownership, dealing with the growing impact of climate change, and criticized for not appreciating that life is hard and always has been—life doesn’t seem fair for young people in Canada. 

But my guest this episode is bringing evidence, passion and a clarity of perspective to reveal the real ways in which life truly is harder for today’s younger generation.  How hard work just isn’t paying off the way it did for previous generations—particularly for those who count themselves in the baby boom generation.

Through the Generation Squeeze think and change tank, Dr. Paul Kershaw is shedding light on the concrete ways that our fiscal realities are skewed against younger Canadians. We discuss the disparities between the perceptions of seniors and the challenges faced by young people today. We dive into the topics that exemplify these gaps in experiences and lived opportunities between generations.

Intergenerational solidarity is a central theme of Generation Squeeze, and Dr. Kershaw highlights the organization’s success in fostering cross-generational understanding of these critical issues. We explore the importance of involving seniors in creating a more thoughtful approach to policy and financial structures.

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Paul Kershaw

Professor, University of BC, and Founder, Generation Squeeze