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  • Shape a future for Canada that’s built on better decisions—from the ground up.
  • Increase our competitiveness both here at home and on the global stage.
  • Tell Canada’s story in an evidence-based way.
  • Elevate the dialogue around Canada’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Cut through the clutter and noise with facts and data.
  • Improve our country’s future for generations to come.

Why How Canada Performs?

How Canada Performs (HCP) is this country’s first independent holistic benchmarking report, focused on analyzing Canada’s ranking in the world.

Our quality of life is at riskIsolate the causesIdentify solutionsStakeholder engagement
Canada is ranked dead last among OECD member countries for long-term economic growth. Lower growth means fewer resources to address societal priorities, declining global influence, and reduced quality of life relative to our peers.To address this challenge, we will benchmark the socio-economic performance of Canada and its provinces and territories, relative to peer countries, in eight categories.We will use the results to identify the actions that leaders can take today to address Canada’s challenges.We will build on our legacy and high traffic volumes to mobilize our insights through new, enhanced, and interactive content, earned and shared media, and stakeholder outreach.

About The Conference Board of Canada

Leaders have relied on The Conference Board of Canada’s unique insights and applied research for close to 70 years. As a trusted voice and a research powerhouse, we have a long history and deep bench strength. Our research supports evidence-based decision-making that helps to shape a stronger future for our country.

We are passionate about providing you with evidence you can count on to make informed decisions.

Our analysis will answer critical questions such as:

  • How do we compare with our peers?
  • Why are we performing so poorly as a country?
  • What kinds of policies can be developed to change the course for Canada?
  • How can we shape the best way forward?
  • How can your organization get ahead of the curve?

We will provide rich and relevant insights, both provincially and nationally, in the context of other countries but also across key economic dimensions, so leaders and policy-makers can see how we are performing across a broad cross-section of measures and how we stack up against peer countries.

Why The Conference Board of Canada

Since 1954, The Conference Board of Canada has tackled our country’s toughest challenges through our independent, non-partisan, evidence-based research. We are one of the oldest independent applied research organizations in Canada, and leaders have relied on our insights and analysis to inform their decisions.

 Delivering more than 400 research products a year, The Conference Board of Canada has:

A robust research process that includes comprehensive oversight and rigorous due diligence

Diverse research advisory boards composed of subject matter experts and business and industry leaders

A highly developed, meticulous end-to-end research process—the gold standard in industry—from planning to structure, methodology and data collection, review and analysis

Our expertise in economic analysis uniquely positions us to assess and benchmark Canada’s core strengths and weaknesses compared with peer countries.

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Subject matter experts

Pedro Antunes

Chief Economist

Stefan Fournier

Acting Head: Indigenous & Northern Communities, Sustainability, Immigration

Director, Innovation and Technology

Associate Director, Education and Skills

Chad Leaver

Director, Health and Human Capital 

Ted Mallett

Director, Economic Innovation