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Households Remain Resilient, but for How Much Longer?

Inflation is heading in the right direction. The national inflation rate fell to 4.3 per cent (year over year) in March. Food prices are still a concern—grocery bills are taking up a larger share of household budgets.

May 5, 2023   •   8-min read


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Growth in Consumer Spending Diminishes

After falling to 95.0 points during the week of January 29, the Index of Consumer Spending (ICS) slightly recovered during the week of February 5 and reached 95.2 points. But this recovery was short-lived—consumer spending growth decelerated between the weeks of February 5 and February 26.

April 6, 2023  •  8-min read

Growth in Consumer Spending Recovers

The ICS climbed 11.0 points between the weeks of December 11 and December 25, pushing past the 100.0-point benchmark for the first time in 27 weeks. This recovery was mainly driven by holiday spending. The upward trend was short-lived, however, as growth in consumer spending decelerated in the first two weeks of January.

March 2, 2023   •   8-min read

The Index of Consumer Spending is The Conference Board of Canada’s latest index and it is powered by exclusive consumer transaction data provided by Moneris Data Services. Moneris is Canada’s number one payment processor with over 3.5 billion transactions spanning more than 325,000 merchant locations. Our index tracks weekly year-on-year changes in consumer spending, enabling us to gauge economic activity levels across the country and provide insights into how the Canadian economy is performing coast to coast.

Updates on this index will be released monthly.



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