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The Conference Board of Canada is recognized across the country for superior economic modelling, forecasting, and analysis. Our sophisticated models use thousands of variables and behavioural equations. We help Canadian decision-makers cut through the noise by answering the big questions.

Take full advantage with our Complete Access Economics Package. Have key intelligence at your fingertips so you can act on critical opportunities with confidence.

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Package inclusions

National Economics Package

Understand how the economy is performing on a national scale and know what to expect over the short, medium, and long terms with our National Economics Package.

This subscription will help decision-makers and organizations with a Canada-wide lens make clear and effective decisions.

Provincial Economic Package

See more than the big picture—understand the regional and provincial differences that make Canada’s economy unique.

If you need province-level information to make better business decisions, our Provincial Economics Package will keep you informed with the latest economic outlooks. In addition to our forecasts and analysis, you get access to thousands of time series datasets for you and your analysts to use in your own models.

Metropolitan Economic Package

The Conference Board is Canada’s foremost economics group focusing on the forecasts for Canada’s large and mid-sized cities. Access forecasts, analyses, and unique time series data for large and mid-sized cities with our Metropolitan Economics Package.

This subscription has the information needed to help business and municipal leaders understand the city-level drivers that shape our economy.

Very thorough and well explained source of information on the Canadian economy.



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