Top Human Capital Challenges for Public Sector HR: Highlights From the Public Sector HR 2018 Conference

The Conference Board of Canada, 22 pages, September 25, 2018
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Top Human Capital Challenges for Public Sector HR summarizes the findings of the Public Sector HR 2018 Conference held in Ottawa on February 27–28 and attended by 150 public sector HR leaders.

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In February 2018, 150 public sector HR professionals—from more than 70 public sector organizations at the federal, provincial, and municipal level—convened at a national conference in Ottawa to explore four key recommendations for public sector HR in the coming years:

  1. Refresh the public sector employment brand to attract the right, high-quality talent.
  2. Redefine how work gets done in the public sector.
  3. Deconstruct and renew HR.
  4. Take action to improve the employee experience.

Twenty-One Insights for Public Sector HR in Canada highlights the conference participants’ discussions and describes the key insights that emerged from during their interactions. Three case studies provide practical examples of how public sector HR can drive organizational change.

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