Building Cyber Resilience

The Conference Board of Canada, 28 pages, July 20, 2018
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Cyber incidents, intrusions, and attacks threaten organizations on a daily basis, and are now virtually inevitable. This briefing recommends the key steps organizations can take to move beyond cyber security and build their resilience to cyber attacks.

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Organizations need to face the virtual inevitability of being impacted by cyber incidents, intrusions, and attacks of some kind. In addition to having a strong cyber security posture, building cyber resilience is critical to mitigating cyber attacks in a rapidly evolving environment. Unlike cyber security, which is usually very focused on protection, cyber resilience recognizes the inevitability of a successful cyber attack and the need for businesses to limit their impacts, maintain critical functions, and quickly return to normal following an incident.  

Building Cyber Resilience explores how organizations can prepare for the inevitable. Based on an analysis of recent literature and discussions at events organized by The Conference Board of Canada, this briefing provides recommendations on how organizations can build cyber resilience, with a focus on five key steps: prepare, protect, detect, respond, and recover.

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