Advocacy for Good: Public Policy Advocacy for a Sustainable Future

The Conference Board of Canada, May 9, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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This webinar will delve into the strategies leading companies are pursuing to encourage governments to adopt public policies for a sustainable future – so their companies, customers and society can thrive.

Webinar Highlights

Government leadership in developing progressive economic, social and environmental public policy is essential to realize a future in which business and society can prosper. Public policy can set the general direction, offer incentives and update legislation to make change easier – or it can create obstacles to sustainable progress.

Progressive businesses need governments and policy-makers to provide an enabling environment to accelerate their sustainability ambitions and make the necessary investments in their business models. Leading companies understand this and actively engage with governments and regulators to create the context to achieve their sustainability goals and build a strong foundation for societal well-being and business health. Transformational companies advocate for good to inform and advance the policies needed to support a stable local and global economy and viable society.

Why attend?

You’ll learn how to build a sustainable public policy agenda and the actions you can take to foster an enabling environment for your company’s sustainable practices. Pick up tips from leaders on the drivers and benefits, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies and tactics. Get inspired about how to advocate for good!

Who’s the webinar for?

These insights and tips will be useful to directors of sustainability, government relations, public affairs, risk management and strategy.

Your webinar experts

Coro Strandberg will provide an overview of this emerging sustainability practice, including the imperative, opportunities and business case. Tom Ewart will share tales from the trenches, as his organization (consistently ranked one of the top ten Corporate Citizens) has strengthened its sustainability impact via public policy advocacy over the past decade.

About Coro

Photo of Coro StrandbergCoro Strandberg, President of Strandberg Consulting, is a nationally recognized corporate social responsibility and sustainability thought leader and strategist. She advises corporations, governments and industry associations on the integration of sustainability into business purpose, governance, risk management, strategy and operations in ways that create business and societal value. Coro held a number of local and provincial government roles in the 1990s, including Senior Policy Advisor for the Green Economy Secretariat and Director of Social Policy for the BC Government. In 2015 she was recognized as a top CSR consultant by Canada’s Clean50.

About Tom

Tom EwartTom Ewart is Senior Manager of Sustainability at The Co-operators Group. He and his team help the organization realize its vision of being a 'catalyst for a sustainable society.' Prior to joining The Co-operators, he was the founding Managing Director of the Network for Business Sustainability (, a not-for-profit organization that bridges research and practice. He has taught courses in Western University's Masters of Environment and Sustainability program and in the University of Waterloo's Centre for Environment and Business, and was recognized as an Emerging Leader in 2015 by Canada’s Clean50.

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