Mindfulness for Busy Professionals

The Conference Board of Canada, January 17, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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The benefits of mindfulness meditation are well researched. Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, will introduce mindfulness and meditation in a non-religious fashion, and teach you some easy skills that you can start using right away at work and personally. Use these techniques to get centered, de-stress and calm yourself at any time. Mindfulness is a ‘way of being’ that anyone can learn and creates a more positive experience of life.

Wendy Quan is the industry thought leader and author on the topic of integrating change management and workplace mindfulness meditation to build personal and workplace resiliency.

This webinar is applicable to everyone, especially those who feel overwhelmed, stressed or just too busy.

Webinar Highlights

In this practical 60-minute recorded webinar, Wendy provides:

  • A list of easy, practical techniques you can use immediately
  • The differences between mindfulness and meditation
  • Real-life and researched-based benefits
  • The keys that make a mindfulness meditation practice successful
  • The amazing uptake that occurred at Pacific Blue Cross for their meditation program
  • An experiential guided meditation during the webinar

About Wendy

Photo of Wendy QuanWendy Quan, founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry leader in helping organizations implement self-sustaining mindfulness meditation programs using change management techniques to create personal and organizational change resiliency. She trains and certifies meditators to become workplace and community facilitators through workshops and online training. Her training is the first of its kind and practical for businesses.

Wendy is a certified organizational change manager who has been recognized as a pioneer by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, the global Association of Change Management Professionals and the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources. Her worldwide clients include Google, the government of Dubai and many other organizations in various sectors.

Wendy was the change manager at Pacific Blue Cross and has a background in IT, Human Resources and organizational development. Wendy has a compelling personal story of how her cancer journey led to her life’s purpose: “To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation”.

She continues to innovate in the emerging area of boosting change resiliency through meditation.

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