Insights on Emergency Response to Terrorism Events

The Conference Board of Canada, 22 pages, August 14, 2017
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Is Canada prepared for future terrorism events? This briefing explores trends that will test preparedness strategies going forward and provides recommendations for improving emergency responses to terrorism events.

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In February 2017, The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for National Security and Council on Emergency Management held a joint meeting at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. The meeting brought together senior members of local, federal, and international law enforcement and emergency response officials. Its objectives were to discuss the emergency responses to recent terrorist events, explore trends that will test preparedness strategies going forward, and provide access to a network of emergency management professionals to learn from each other’s experiences and share key insights—among them that terrorism-related emergencies require responses that are complex, quick, and dynamic, all within a crowded stakeholder space.

Insights on Emergency Response to Terrorism Events provides findings from a literature review and an overview of the key takeaways from the meeting, including six broad areas of importance that were identified when considering emergency response to terrorist events.

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