New to the Workforce: Compensating and Developing Recent-Graduate and Student Employees

The Conference Board of Canada, 48 pages, May 4, 2017
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Organizations are looking to attract top young talent into entry-level roles. This briefing explores salaries and hourly wages for new graduate and student-level employees, and discusses some key considerations for organizations looking to attract, develop, and retain new graduate employees.

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While Canadians adjust to a slow growth economy, younger generations continue to look for meaningful careers in a variety of different industries and positions.

Based on a survey of Canadian organizations, New to the Workforce explores starting salaries for a number of entry-level positions, outlined by diploma or degree level. The highest average starting salaries can be found in roles requiring specialized training such as geology positions and engineering positions.

Many organizations are also looking to develop entry-level and student hires with new graduate rotational programs and by hiring co-op, intern, and summer students. Hourly wages and hiring practices for these student positions are also discussed.

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