The Value of Radiology in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 50 pages, January 26, 2017
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Radiology is an integral component of the health system. This report presents a framework for better establishing the value of radiology in improving population health and the health care system.

Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d'une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

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The sustainability of health care in Canada is at a tipping point. There are multitude strains and pressures on the system. And while health care spending is increasing, the benefits from those expenditures are not always tangible in the eyes of the public and policy-makers. The expertise provided by radiology can help health policy-makers, patients, and providers respond to these challenges.

Ultimately, this report is a primer. While radiology is by no means the sole solution to the challenges facing the Canadian health care system, it is essential to recognize its value at the hub of patient care through the capacity of medical imaging to improve patient outcomes via increased efficiency and quality of care.

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