P3s and Transportation Infrastructure: Experience and Opportunities for Canada’s North

The Conference Board of Canada, 62 pages, February 1, 2017
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Are public-private partnerships (P3s) suitable for transport infrastructure procurement in Canada’s North? This primer provides case illustrations and examines whether Northern and remote regions can benefit from the P3 approach.

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Public-private partnerships (P3s) have become a popular mechanism for addressing Canada’s infrastructure needs. While much has been documented around this approach to procurement in Southern Canada, less has been advanced in relation to the North.

This primer, P3s and Transportation Infrastructure: Experience and Opportunities for Canada’s North,

explores the Canadian experience with P3s for transport infrastructure, with an emphasis on lessons learned that may be relevant to Northern contexts. It examines the Canadian experience with P3s to date, considers costs and benefits associated with this approach to infrastructure procurement, and reflects on the relevance of this model for Northern transport infrastructure development. The primer provides case illustrations of P3s in the North, with a view toward further, in-depth examinations. It also considers next steps for P3 and transport research and stakeholder engagement activities in Canada’s Northern regions.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1–Introduction

  • Primer Purpose and Structure

Chapter 2–Canada’s Experience With P3s

  • P3s in Canada by Sector: Volume and Value
  • P3s in Canada: An Uneven Distribution
  • Conclusions

Chapter 3–Transportation Infrastructure in the North

  • Northern P3 Policy Frameworks
  • Case Illustrations of P3s in the North
  • Determining P3 Project Suitability: Canada and the North

Chapter 4–Benefits and Costs Associated With P3s

  • Benefits of P3s
  • Costs Associated With P3s
  • Roundtable Discussion—Key Findings
  • Conclusions

Chapter 5–Observations and Next Steps

  • Observations
  • Next Steps

Appendix A–Common P3 Models in Canada

Appendix B–P3s in Canada by Sector and Status

Appendix C–Bibliography

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