The Dragon’s Fire: Hot Sectors in China’s Economy for Canadian Businesses

The Conference Board of Canada, May 8, 2017
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China continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Although China’s economic growth is now easing and demand is shifting away from commodities to consumer products and services, its enormous size and rising wealth offers tremendous opportunities for Canadian exporters.

Canadian firms need to know which goods and services can expect rising Chinese demand -- and are open -- or are projected to become open --to foreign companies.

In this webinar from the Conference Board’s Global Commerce Centre, Julie Ades identifies China’s “hottest” sectors” for Canada. These include:

  • Agricultural (for example, cereals, vegetables and live animals)
  • Processed food (for example meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts food products)
  • Manufactured goods (for example, pulp and aircraft, and some segments of the auto market)
  • Scientific research, technical services and geologic prospecting;
  • Financial services
  • Travel, personal, cultural and recreational services

Don’t miss this webinar identifying the potential for Canada in what could soon be the world’s largest economy.

Webinar Highlights

In this webinar, Jacqueline will describe how we identify China’s “hottest” sectors for Canada. The most promising sectors fall into the “sweet spot” consisting of:

  • High growth potential for Chinese demand
  • Openness to foreign commercial activities
  • Competitiveness of the Canadian industries producing the identified goods and services
  • Capacity of these industries to increase production to meet increasing Chinese demand

About Jacqueline

Photo of Jacqueline PalladiniJacqueline Palladini is a Senior Economist and contributes to research on global trade and investment as part of the Conference Board of Canada's Global Commerce Centre. Her works include the changing nature of trade with Asia and ground breaking research on importance of services in Canada's trade picture. She has been featured in major media outlets across the country and regularly presents the latest global commerce trends to policy and business leaders. She also has experience developing and maintaining economic forecasting models, conducting economic impact analyses, benchmarking business competitiveness, and conducting other custom analysis.

Prior to joining the Global Commerce Centre, Jacqueline spent several years forecasting provincial and territorial economies as well as the mining and motor vehicles and parts manufacturing industries. Ms. Palladini also spent five years working as a demographics expert on a technical assistance project in Ukraine. She built demographics models and trained municipal staff on how to forecast their regions' populations. She also helped Ukrainian professors design a technical course on the topic.

Jacqueline Palladini holds a MA in economics with a specialization in social statistics from McGill University and a BSc with distinction from the University of Victoria.

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