Enhancing Board Decision-Making: Sharing the Right Info the Right Way

The Conference Board of Canada, November 17, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Many boards consist of a diverse group of individuals with different expectations on what information is needed to make a decision. Some directors prefer volumes of data and background, while others desire a lean synopsis. It can be difficult to please all, while ensuring an outcome of informed, well-considered decisions.

Things get more complicated when layering in the realities of modern communication: lost emails, last-minute board package changes, and missing electronic files. Information sharing becomes not just a frustration, but a serious risk for miscommunication and lost board productivity.

How does your board fare? And what can be done to ensure your board has access to the information and resources they need in order to fulfill their governance mandate?

Webinar Highlights

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to assess the information needs of directors, define the right information to share, and the modern software tools available to support you. You will also:

  • Learn practical ways to enhance your board’s decision making through more effective information-sharing
  • Understand the criteria for assessing what information to share
  • Learn how board portal software can support more effective information distribution and collaboration
  • Hear tips on how to get the most out of your board portal software

About John

Photo of John DinnerJohn Dinner is President of John T. Dinner Board Governance Services, a leading Canadian consulting firm focused on corporate governance and board effectiveness. For more than 20 years, John has been helping boards across sectors and across Canada improve their performance and contribute in tangible ways to the success of the organizations they oversee. Board members and organizational leaders value John’s depth of experience, relevant insights, practical approach and his ability to facilitate needed governance change.

John’s hands-on, board work focuses on helping clients develop and benefit from leading-edge governance practices, including board, committee and director effectiveness evaluations, director recruitment, board education, meeting effectiveness and best practices, information management and decision-making. He knows and understands the needs of directors and other organizational leaders first-hand.

About Ian

Photo of Ian WarnerIan Warner is President & CEO of Aprio, the company that has developed Canada’s leading board portal software to make good governance simple and affordable for organizations of any size. Aprio Boardroom™ is chosen by financial institutions, crown corporations, first nations, non-profits and public companies to achieve transparent communication, efficient decisions and well-run board meetings.

An accomplished executive, Ian has a career of experience both participating in and chairing boards. Prior to Aprio, Ian was chief operating officer of Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union. He also spent five years at Vancity’s subsidiary Citizens Bank of Canada, including four years as CEO and a board member. Ian is Chair of the BC Technology Industry Association’s SaaS C-Council and a past board member of the University of British Columbia Alumni Association.

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