Learning in the Digital Age

The Conference Board of Canada, October 12, 2016
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Information and communication technologies (ICTS) hold the potential to improve post-secondary learning by making learning more accessible and engaging. This report considers how e-learning could improve post-secondary education in Canada.

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This report explores the potential of e-learning in the Canadian setting. Unlike most Conference Board of Canada studies, this report is an online production. But, like other Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education (SPSE) reports, we use a multi-pronged research strategy to inform our analysis. We performed a thorough review of the relevant literature and data, and conducted interviews with knowledgeable observers, practitioners, and e-learning students. Our analysis begins in Chapter 2, with a review of what we call the 5 W’s of e-learning (what, why, when, who, and where). The report then looks specifically at e-learning in the Canadian context (Chapter 3). This is followed by an analysis of the prospects for e-learning in Canada (Chapter 4). We conclude, in Chapter 5 with some ideas for the SPSE National Strategy.

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