Forewarned and Forearmed: The Calgary Emergency Management Agency and the 2013 Flood

The Conference Board of Canada, 80 pages, July 2, 2014
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The City of Calgary, through the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, requested an independent review of its performance during the 2013 Southern Alberta floods. This report presents the results of that review, as well as best practices and recommendations.

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In late 2013, the City of Calgary, through the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), asked The Conference Board of Canada to conduct an independent review of its overall performance during the Southern Alberta floods of earlier that year. To obtain a comprehensive perspective, our researchers interviewed 40 representatives from the public and private sectors, many of whom were present at the CEMA Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) during the emergency or held critical positions across the affected region. In addition, we examined internal documentation and risk assessments and conducted a literature review that focused on lessons learned from other emergencies. Specific attention was paid to the role played by the CEMA EOC and its level of success in putting those lessons into practice.

The report also presents best practices and recommendations that merit consideration if the City of Calgary intends to maintain its overall level of preparedness for similar emergencies.

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