E-Learning for the Workplace: Creating Canada’s Lifelong Learners

The Conference Board of Canada, 49 pages, September 1, 2001
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E-learning will be a key to productivity, competitiveness and prosperity by improving Canada’s skills, innovation and knowledge base.

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E-learning delivers content through electronic information and communications technologies (ICTs). While e-learning may expand employee learning, organizations also face three main barriers to its use:
  • the cost of developing and purchasing e-learning initially, and then the ongoing cost once an e-learning intervention is underway;
  • lack of time—employees don’t have enough time to devote to workplace learning, and employers don’t have enough time to develop and maintain e-learning solutions; and
  • content issues—employers either couldn’t find the content they needed on the market, or had the content but found it was designed for traditional methods of delivery and not suited for e-learning.
This report provides:
  • information on why e-learning is important to Canada and to its employers and employees;
  • illustrative examples of e-learning solutions; and
  • a toolkit employers can use to plan, build, integrate and improve their own e-learning interventions.

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