Metrics for Firm-Level Business Innovation in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 62 pages, December 20, 2013
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This report shows the value of measurement-based management of firm-level innovation by analyzing metrics usage in Canadian industry. It provides framework-based methodologies for using balanced metric portfolios that help enhance corporate performance.

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Metrics for Firm-Level Business Innovation in Canada is the third in a series of Centre for Business Innovation (CBI) reports. It sheds light on how Canadian firms use—and could potentially use—metrics to manage their innovation activities by analyzing the metrics used, and their effectiveness in supporting innovation performance. By describing the current state of innovation measurement by firms, the report helps Canadian companies identify ways they can enhance their own innovation performance using metrics. In addition, the report provides guidelines and principles for selecting and using the right metrics. It itemizes the step-by-step procedures for designing, adopting, using, and revising innovation performance metrics.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction: Why Metrics?

  • What Is Innovation?
  • Firm-Level Innovation in Canada
  • Framework and Scope of the Report
  • Methodology

Chapter 2—How Innovation Is Valued and Measured

  • Why Measure Innovation?
  • Where and What to Measure?
  • How to Measure Innovation
  • Quantitative Metrics
  • Qualitative Metrics
  • Innovation Measurement Pitfalls
  • Frameworks for Innovation Metrics
  • Frameworks for the Innovation Process
  • Strategic Innovation Frameworks
  • Conclusions

Chapter 3—Usage of Innovation Metrics in Canadian Firms

  • Assessment of Innovations in Canadian Firms
  • Number of Metrics Used by Canadian Firms
  • Correlation of Number of Innovation Metrics Used With Firm Performance
  • Selection and Revision of Metrics by Canadian Firms
  • Canadian Firms’ Predetermination of Targets
  • Canadian Firms’ Preferred Metrics
  • Conclusions and Comments

Chapter 4—Canadian Industry Appreciation of Innovation Metrics

  • Canadian Firms’ Satisfaction With Metrics
  • Innovation Metrics and Their Associated Performance
  • Why Canadian Firms Value Innovation Metrics
  • Conclusions and Comments

Chapter 5—Guidelines for Meaningful Innovation Measurement

  • Systematic Approach to Measurement of Innovation in Firms
  • The Value-Add Competitive Innovation Measurement (v-CIM) Framework
  • Principles for Selecting a Balanced Portfolio of Innovation Metrics
  • Designing Effective Metrics for Measuring Innovation
  • Conclusions

Appendix A—CBI Survey on Innovation Metrics and Management

Appendix B—Bibliography

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