Sustainable Procurement: A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

The Conference Board of Canada, May 30, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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Sustainable Procurement: A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain Management is a one-hour webinar that will benefit buyers, procurement managers and CSR/sustainability practitioners. Get the basic information you need to set up and manage a sustainable purchasing program that will generate social, environmental and financial benefits for your organization.

Webinar Highlights

Sustainability expert and thought leader, Coro Strandberg discusses the strategic and tactical steps necessary to get ahead in this important business function.  You will learn first-hand from Jason Boyce, Sustainability Manager at Nature’s Path Foods, on how this organic food company embedded its sustainability commitments into its procurement practices.  In addition, Hormis Tharakan will provide his insights on practical implementation issues from a buyer’s perspective.

Supply chains often house a company’s environmental liabilities and its opportunities for sustainability performance improvement.  During this session, procurement teams will learn how to get started on the journey to improve the sustainability profile of their products and suppliers.  They’ll also discover the risks for not doing so.

About Coro

Coro Strandberg, Principal of Strandberg Consulting, is a leading national corporate social responsibility consultant.  She advises corporations and organizations on the integration of sustainability into governance, risk management, strategy and operations in ways that create business and societal value.  Coro is a recognized CSR thought leader, with over twenty years of experience in sustainability integration. Coro has advised a number of companies on sustainable procurement strategies and is a co-founder of the Buy Smart Network which provides training and advisory services to organizations integrating environmental, social and ethical considerations into procurement.  She has written a number of guides and how-to resources on sustainable supply chain management.

About Jason

Jason Boyce is Sustainability Manager.  At Nature’s Path Foods, he leads the efforts to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals such as Zero Waste 2015 and Climate Neutral 2020. Nature’s Path is committed to sustainability across its supply chain, and Jason has helped in the creation of internal policies and training to support Nature’s Path buying teams to develop sustainable purchasing guidelines. Jason is a board member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, where he has assisted in the development of an organic industry Code of Conduct for suppliers and supply chain partners.

About Hormis

Hormis Tharakan is the Materials Manager with 10 years of experience in procurement and planning in various sectors. At Nature's Path he leads the procurement and scheduling teams in buying raw materials and scheduling production efficiently and sustainably.

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