Immigrants as Innovators Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness

The Conference Board of Canada, 60 pages, October 13, 2010
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This report takes a comprehensive approach to understanding and quantifying the relationship between immigration and innovation. The report is designed to help government and business recognize the potential value of immigration to innovation performance.

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Are immigrants making Canada more innovative? Immigrants are by definition seekers of a better way—the very embodiment of innovation. The purpose of this research report is to test this presumption. Specifically, it examines different dimensions of innovation across areas such as research, the culture sector, business, and global commerce, as well as at the level of the individual immigrant, the firm, and the national and international economy. At every level of analysis, immigrants are shown to have an impact on innovation performance that is benefiting Canada.

Immigrants as Innovators: Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness also highlights actions that Canada can take to develop the innovative capacities of immigrants and harness the benefits of immigrant-driven innovation.

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