Report on Diversity: Priorities, Practices and Performance in Canadian Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada, 43 pages, December 7, 2006
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This inaugural report presents benchmark data on diversity-related priorities, policies, practices and achievements in Canadian organizations.

Document Highlights

  • Canadian organizations say they value diversity but have not yet fully committed their policies, practices and resources to driving diversity to the core of their operations.
  • Most organizations surveyed have yet to achieve basic representation rates that match or exceed Canadian labour force availability rates for the four diversity groups—Aboriginal people, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and women—identified in the Employment Equity Act.
  • Many organizations have policies and programs to support diversity, but there is room for improvement in the strategies used to identify, retain and develop a diverse workforce, and in the way these strategies are linked to performance outcomes and success.
  • Successful diversity initiatives require clear communication about intent, strong leadership commitment, and concrete strategies and objectives linked to organizational needs and goals.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • The Purpose of This Report
  • Measuring Diversity
  • Methodology
  • About the Data
  • How the Report Is Organized

Chapter 2—Setting the Stage

  • The Business Case
  • Workforce Representation Since the Employment Equity Act
  • Representation Rates and Performance in Canadian Organizations
  • Beyond Representation Rates

Chapter 3—The State of Diversity in Canada

  • Business Reasons for Investing in Diversity
  • Diversity as a Priority
  • Committing to Diversity: Strategic Plans
  • Diversity Budgets
  • Diversity-Related Priorities
  • Diversity Initiatives and Activities
  • Foreign Credentials
  • Managing Diversity
  • Who’s In Charge?
  • Developing Leaders
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Chapter 4—Embedding Diversity, Addressing Challenges

  • Compliance Versus Opportunity
  • A Disconnect Between Priorities and Actions
  • Securing Leadership Commitment and Action
  • Reaching Beyond Representation Rates
  • Embedding Diversity
  • What Next?

Appendix A—Respondent Profile

Appendix B—Employers Covered by the Employment Equity Act

Appendix C—Related Reports and Services

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