Future-Proofing Investments in Workplace Mental Health: Meeting Employees’ Evolving Needs

The Conference Board of Canada, 2 pages, November 10, 2022
Summary for Executives
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This study explores how employers are currently supporting their employees’ mental health and how their mental health and wellness strategies have shifted over the course of the pandemic.

Document Highlights

  • Organizations are accelerating their efforts toward a more holistic and adaptive strategy for workplace mental health. Most (72.5 per cent) have or are developing a formalized strategy (outside of their benefits plan) to support employee mental health, and many are adopting flexible work arrangements.
  • Low usage of benefits is a key concern, and many organizations are prioritizing communications initiatives (e.g., awareness campaigns) to increase benefits usage, specifically usage of employee assistance programs.
  • The unique mental health and wellness needs of employees may not be met by a traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Almost half of organizations (45 per cent) reported that they don’t customize their mental health initiatives to meet the needs of Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and other equity-deserving groups.

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