Space to Grow: Job Transitions in Ontario’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The Conference Board of Canada, 22 pages, April 23, 2021
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Ontario’s tourism and hospitality workers have had a challenging year—but viable, desirable job transitions are available. This research explores the skills, qualifications, and trade-offs needed to get there.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Ontario’s tourism and hospitality sector hard, with significant job losses and reduced prospects for near-term recovery. As part of the Tourism and Hospitality Emergency Response project initiated by the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, Conference Board researchers examined 48 tourism-sector occupations and found that they have an average of nine potential job transition options.

Workers need the right combination of skills, abilities, knowledge, facility with tools and technology, and any special qualifications in order to maximize the number of transition options available. This is the most significant barrier facing displaced tourism workers. Their best approach is to focus on retaining and upskilling. Those workers whose jobs have few potential transitions may need to consider accepting a lower-paid job, transitioning out of the sector, or moving to another part of Ontario.

Table of Contents

Key findings


Transitions in Ontario’s tourism and hospitality sector

The most agile professions

Levelling up

Going outside the sector

Leaving Toronto


Appendix A—Tourism and hospitality occupations, by sub-sector and NOC code

Appendix B—O*NET and Vicinity database taxonomies

Appendix C—Methodology summary

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