Shades of Gray: Consumer Attitudes Towards a Low-carbon Economy

The Conference Board of Canada, 32 pages, December 14, 2018
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What does a low-carbon economy look like from the viewpoint of consumers? This report discusses consumer opinions and trends, and key insights from a Conference Board of Canada survey.

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The transition to a low-carbon economy represents both a growth opportunity and existential challenge to Canada. An opportunity because, if implemented, products and innovations arising from a low-carbon economy can become major drivers of growth, competitiveness, employment, and wealth. A challenge because without a shift to a low-carbon economy taking place, the potential negative impacts of climate change on natural and human systems could adversely influence Canada’s future.

Shades of Gray: Consumer Attitudes Toward a Low-Carbon Economy presents and discusses aggregate insights derived from The Conference Board of Canada’s survey of consumer awareness and knowledge levels of carbon footprint, influences on consumer buying choices, and consumer behaviour patterns to low-carbon alternatives. The report includes recommendations that can help set Canada on the path to a low-carbon economy.

Table of Contents


  • Knowledge and Awareness
  • Consumers’ Perceived Knowledge of the Low-Carbon Economy
  • Consumer Behaviour Trends on Low-Carbon Alternatives
  • Important Factors That Influence Purchase Decisions
  • Consumer Actions to Reduce Personal Carbon Footprint
  • Willingness to Make Proactive Changes in Mobility and Residential Choices
  • Trust, Trusting, Trustworthiness …
  • Barriers to Behaviour Change
  • Consumer Perceptions on the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
  • The Way Forward

Appendix A–Methodology

Appendix B–Demographics

Appendix C–Bibliography

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