Industrial Relations Outlook 2018: The Changing Face of Labour

The Conference Board of Canada, 73 pages, December 21, 2017
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Our annual Industrial Relations Outlook brings experts from labour and management together in a roundtable discussion to share their views on what the upcoming year will bring. For 2018, the forecast calls for a complex bargaining environment.

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Following a challenging few years, the Canadian economy rebounded in 2017. Despite the improvement, this pace of growth is likely to be unsustainable, and an unpredictable global climate is keeping pay plans modest going into 2018.

Legislation changes in a number of jurisdictions across the country will make for a challenging bargaining environment in 2018. In addition, the pending legalization of recreational cannabis use—along with concerns about its medical use—add to these complexities.

Unions will be looking to improve health and safety for the employees on behalf of whom they bargain, and will also be focusing on job security in 2018. Employers are focusing on flexible work practices, improving productivity, and workforce planning in the coming year. Mental health continues to be a significant area of focus on both sides of the bargaining table.

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