25 Truths about Women's Leadership: Insights from the 2017 Women's Leadership Conference

The Conference Board, Inc., 17 pages, July 26, 2017
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It’s normal for women to be ambitious—but it’s not normal in our culture. Progress requires women to change not themselves and their unique capabilities, but the system that hinders them.

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It’s normal for women to be ambitious—but it’s not normal in our culture, at least not the kind of ambition that takes women leaders all the way to the C-suite and the boardroom. Progress requires changing the system to accommodate families—not just women—and understanding the unique qualities that women bring to the workforce. Then there are the practical issues: figuring out how to get more women into the room and how to pay them better; navigating the issues associated with childbearing and rearing and work-life balance for everyone; and making every moment and every decision count.

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