Improving Primary Health Care Through Collaboration: Briefing 3—Measuring the Missed Opportunity

The Conference Board of Canada, 17 pages, June 5, 2013
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This briefing is the third in a series of four that aims to provide an analysis of the impact of interprofessional teams on the Canadian primary health care system.

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The existing and future health care needs of the Canadian population are largely about managing chronic conditions. Better management of patients with chronic conditions in the primary care system can reduce the burden in the more costly acute or hospital care system. If the enhanced use of interprofessional primary care (IPC) teams can be shown to be cost-effective, they should become the preferred model of care for chronic conditions in all provinces and territories.

This briefing aims to assess whether IPC teams could become a central component of a health care services delivery strategy for chronic conditions. It provides the results of an empirical analysis of the impact of enhanced IPC teams on the health and economic burden of Type 2 diabetes and depression in Canada.

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