Wellness Metrics in Action—CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions: Low Cost, High Return

The Conference Board of Canada, 6 pages, August 15, 2012
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This briefing is the 10th in a series of case studies that profile organizations, their wellness programs, and the methods they use to evaluate their initiatives.

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The Conference Board of Canada recently published a report, Making the Business Case for Investments in Workplace Health and Wellness, that provides small, medium-sized, and large organizations with advice on how to measure the impact of their workplace health and wellness programs.

Research for the report identified several employers that are currently evaluating the impact of wellness programs on their organizations. These leaders have invaluable information and guidance to offer to other employers that are trying to measure the impact of their own health and wellness initiatives.

This briefing focuses on CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions—a Quebec-based manufacturer that believes that its strength is its people. CMP implemented a wellness program in 2007 when senior leaders noticed a substantial increase in the company’s group insurance premiums. Their small financial investment in wellness has resulted in a significant positive return for the organization—both in the health of its employees and in the company’s bottom line.

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