Canada's Non-Residential Construction Industry: Industrial Outlook, Summer 2007

The Conference Board of Canada, 9 pages, August 8, 2007
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The Canadian Industrial Outlook Service includes detailed five-year forecasts in 16 key Canadian industries. The report examines the short- and medium-term economic and profitability outlooks for these industries.

Document Highlights

  • Offices—The office market continues to tighten as strong job creation in commercial services industries is sustaining high rates of absorption.
  • Material Costs—Industry material costs are facing significant upward pressure. The major factor has been the abrupt rise in prices for basic building materials.
  • Labour Shortage—More than five years of booming construction activity in every segment has resulted in the hiring of less-skilled workers, a trend that negatively affects the industry’s productivity. This labour shortage— which has led to strong wage appreciation—increases employers’ costs and limits industry growth.

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