Governments Get Focused on Results: Integrating Performance Measurement into Management Decision Making

The Conference Board of Canada, 41 pages, November 1, 2000
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Governments around the world are implementing performance measurement approaches to help them define and achieve outcomes that meet the needs of citizens. People want to know what is being accomplished with their tax dollars, not just how much is being spent and where.

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In an environment in which governments must demonstrate value for money and responsiveness to citizens’ needs, using performance measurement has emerged as an essential strategy. This report examines seven jurisdictions from across North America, each of which has tailored its performance measurement approach to enable it to more effectively meet the needs of the stakeholders.

The experience of these governments—state, provincial and local—reveals that there are four enablers that built this capacity: (1) developing momentum through leadership, (2) creating frameworks to integrate management processes, (3) communicating information and (4) supporting managers’ acquisition of skills and capabilities in using performance information to make decisions.

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