Major City Insights: Kingston—July 2021

The Conference Board of Canada, July 15, 2021
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Climbing vaccination rates mean cities across Canada are poised to bounce back from COVID-19-induced recessions this year. Hot housing markets and pent-up demand for in-person shopping, eating in restaurants, and travel will all help fuel the economic recovery.

This edition of Major City Insights provides our new forecast for growth in Kingston as of June 3, 2021.

Document Highlights

  • Real GDP in Kingston contracted by 5.7 per cent last year as lockdowns and stringent public health and safety measures put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 took a huge bite out of economic activity.
  • Although the city, along with the rest of Ontario, was under stay-at-home orders for a good part of the first half of 2021, the push to speed up vaccine rollouts in Canada has set the stage for a solid rebound in economic growth in the second half of the year. Kingston’s real GDP is forecast to expand by 6.1 per cent this year.
  • As the pandemic battered Kingston’s economy last year, employment fell by 4.4 per cent (3,700 jobs). Supported by stronger economic activity, employment is expected to increase by 5.6 per cent this year, with close to 4,500 net new jobs added to the workforce.

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