Quebec and the Low-Carbon Economy: Prospects for Quebec Businesses

The Conference Board of Canada, 64 pages, November 23, 2018
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The global low-carbon market is attracting many potential players. Quebec‘s electricity-intensive industries have a competitive edge to offer in this market.

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Today’s market offers substantial opportunities for low-carbon products and services. Industries that consume a lot of energy, such as manufacturing and aluminum production, can gain a financial advantage by locating in Quebec, with its low-carbon economy. The services industry (including, for example, sustainable finance), which is taking root in Quebec, can support net positive projects in this province.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Le Québec sobre en carbone : des débouchés pour les entreprises du Québec

  • Résumé
  • Introduction
  • Des opportunités pour les entreprises du Québec
  • Appliquer une stratégie nette positive : exemples d’industries
  • Synergies et conditions déjà en place
  • Conclusions et recommandations

Annexe A—Méthodologie

Annexe B—Les programmes gouvernementaux favorisant la transition énergétique

Annexe C—Bibliographie

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