Part 1: Dollars and Sense 2017: Using Health Economics to Inform Policy

The Conference Board of Canada, November 28, 2017 at 02:00 PM EST
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Economic analyses are an essential tool for policy makers who make difficult decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources. However, traditional cost-effectiveness analyses are not always the most appropriate or useful approach for value assessment, particularly when the benefits of said investment are accrued over-time. So where’s the middle ground? The Conference Board of Canada has taken a different approach to this analysis. Our research predominately focuses on a cost-consequence approach to estimating the burden of illnesses and the health and economic impact of interventions, programs, and policies, where direct costs are associated with health care system utilization, and indirect costs are associated with productivity and benefits to the economy.

In this two-part webinar series, Dr. Thy Dinh will provide an overview of the key concepts in health economics and demonstrate how health economics can be used to answer difficult health policy questions, now and in the future. Thy will describe several unique approaches used by The Conference Board to estimate burden of illness, the health and economic impact of interventions, programs, and policies, return-on-investment, and the benefits of "scaling-up" existing or pilot interventions to different or larger populations. Don’t miss this chance to hear about recent applications of several macroeconomic approaches to answer difficult health policy questions. Participants will also learn about resources that could be used by researchers, policy analysts, and public health practitioners who may not have the capacity or need to conduct full health economic evaluations.

Webinar Highlights

Part 1 (on November 28) will cover the following topics:

  • Key concepts in health economics
  • Health economic policy questions
  • Overview of analytic approaches and methodological design
  • The Conference Board approach
  • Sources of health and economic data

Part 2 (on November 30) will cover the following topics:

  • Applications – Health economics to answer public health policy questions
  • Applications – Health economics to answer health care system (service delivery) questions
  • Applications – Return-on-investment analyses in health and health care
  • Communicating complex health economic information

This webinar series is an update to Dollars and Sense 2016.

About Thy

Photo of Thy DinhDr. Thy Dinh is the Director of Health Economics and Policy at the Conference Board. The majority of her research falls under the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC). At the Conference Board, Thy has led the research on the health and economic impact of interprofessional primary care teams, the health economics of healthy active living, and the return-on-investment of expanded pharmacy services. Thy has a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from Queen’s University and a PhD in Population Health from the University of Ottawa.

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