Competing Globally: Canada’s Hidden Success Stories

The Conference Board of Canada, 96 pages, May 28, 2014
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Canada's competitive advantage at exporting oil and wheat, for example, is well recognized. But what about the lesser-known products? Read about five globally competitive Canadian products that also stand out.

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Canada's competitive advantage at exporting certain goods is well recognized—for example, oil, gold, wheat, canola, wood and metal products, aircraft, and to a lesser extent, auto. But does Canada stand out for any lesser-known products?

This report identifies some globally competitive Canadian products that receive less attention. Using specific criteria for selection, it focuses on five—cosmetics, pet foods, butyl rubber, sodium chlorate, and photonic devices. It examines the key drivers behind their strong trade performance, and assesses Canada's global competiveness. The report's analysis shows what we can learn from these five products.

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