The Sustainable Pay Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada, December 2013
Recorded Webinar
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This special 60-minute session with Coro Strandberg, nationally recognized CSR and sustainability thought leader, profiles leading global research into sustainable pay plans. It offers a user-friendly roadmap for boards, executives and sustainability and human resource professionals who want to update their incentive programs.

Webinar Highlights

Here’s a growing business trend —most of Canada’s blue chip, publicly traded companies consider sustainability factors when compensating their executives. It's good news that many boards, their compensation committees and HR advisors see the links between executive pay incentives and progress towards sustainability goals.

But there’s more to it. What are the qualities of a good sustainable pay metric? And what’s the best way to cascade sustainable incentives throughout a company?
During this webinar, Coro Strandberg shares what she’s learned from helping companies develop sustainable pay programs.

Margot Campbell, Manager, Total Rewards, Methanex Corporation, describes her company’s sustainable pay approach and evolution and will share her insights on this global compensation trend.

Andrew Wilczynski, Director of Strategy, Community Affairs at TELUS shares his company’s sustainable pay journey, including the drivers and lessons his company learned along the way.

About Coro:

Coro Strandberg, principal of Strandberg Consulting, advises corporations and organizations on the integration of sustainability into business purpose, governance, risk management, strategy and operations in ways that create business and societal value. She is a leading sustainable HR management consultant and advises companies on sustainable pay practices.

About Margot:

Margot Campbell, Manager, Total Rewards, Methanex Corporation. Margot Campbell is a seasoned human resources leader with over 35 years of progressive business experience specializing in compensation and benefits management.

About Andrew:

Andrew Wilczynski, Director of Strategy, Community Affairs at TELUS. Andy is a sustainability professional with over a decade of experience in the private sector. He has held senior roles in strategic planning, human resources, marketing, program management and corporate social responsibility at TELUS.

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