Smoking Cessation and the Workplace: Briefing 2—Smoking Cessation Programs in Canadian Workplaces

The Conference Board of Canada, 20 pages, June 18, 2013
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This second of three briefings on smoking cessation in Canada examines the role of employers in providing access and support for quitting smoking. Both case studies and recommendations are presented.

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The first briefing in The Conference Board of Canada’s series on smoking cessation in the Workplace examined smoking in Canada with a focus on the employed population in Canada. This second of three briefings in the series examines the role of employers in providing access and support for quitting smoking.

The survey findings provide insights into what employers are doing in terms of assessing employees for smoking habits, enforcing workplace smoking restrictions around smoking, providing coverage for smoking cessation aids and services, offering custom smoking cessation programming, and evaluating the success of these programs.

This briefing also explores barriers that employers face when trying to introduce or implement smoking cessation programs and strategies that have made some organizations successful in reducing the number of employees who smoke. Recommendations are provided to help guide employers to develop evidence-based smoking cessation programs in the workplace.

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