Transformational Company Webinar: A Model to Advance Sustainability, Tackle Risks and Embrace Opportunities

The Conference Board of Canada, January 30, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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The Conference Board of Canada presents a special 60 minute webinar that features thought leader Coro Strandberg and John Coyne of Unilever Canada Inc. In this information-rich session, you will learn about new global research that identifies the characteristics of a transformational company—including the qualities that firms must adopt to be sustainable over the long term.

Webinar Highlights

The Transformational Company Webinar: A Model to Advance Sustainability, Tackle Risks and Embrace Opportunities showcases the list of transformational qualities—developed to act as a guide for medium and large companies who recognize the need to scale up their CSR and sustainability efforts in order to address systemic societal risks, challenges and opportunities. These qualities are designed to act as a roadmap.

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